Apprentesses is a company that believes in woman empowerment. We have different tools that we use to empower woman and give them opportunities to reach their potential and dreams. Ster-status is one of Apprentesses initiatives and is a competition to empower young ladies in the entertainment industry of South Africa. This is the perfect platform for any young female between the ages of 20-35 to pursue her dreams in the limelight! Following your dream, we aim to assist and empower you through means of training and strong brand alignment with big role players in South Africa. You will be taught and challenged to make use of the tools given to maximise your potential and to get noticed in the right circles.

For the past three years, Apprentesses company has collaborated with “33 and Me - Model and Artist Management” agency to help with setting up your own brand.  They not only provides training for artists in singing, acting, modelling and dancing, but is also an agency which provides models, actors and dancers for TV commercials, fashion shows, printed media ads and events as well as theatre and film productions. This automatically opens-up a lot of new opportunities for our contestants and ultimately for our winner as she will be signed and managed by 33 and Me for her year of reign. This will allow our winners an even BIGGER opportunity to make a career out of this competition.

This competition, Sterstatus, is all about the glitz and glam, luxury lifestyle and what you need to promote yourself and your sponsors in the limelight. It is all about how to build your own brand while simultaneously growing and promoting the brand of your partners and sponsors. Great mentors will give training and workshops to all contestants in group format throughout the competition to help and empower them to understand what is needed to win, and to give them tools to further their own career in the entertainment industry, regardless if they win or not.

All contestants entering Sterstatus will form part of our local charity, Fabulous Girls Charity Foundation. Giving back to the community, serving and empowering forms a big part of what Apprentesses company stand for. We have also chosen to support a few local charities, which is Non-profitable organizations that our contestants will be a part of. This Charity organizations goes beyond just the basics of providing food, education, health care and livelihood programs, it also gives families hope that they can create a path out of poverty for their children.

Sterstatus Grand Finale is an exclusive event of luxury, glamour and elegance with entertainment by some of our leading artist. This evening promises to be a VIP Experience and an opportunity for the finalists to shine. You never know who will notice you and give you an opportunity in the industry.


The qualities we look for in our candidates is a talented individual that is driven, organised and self-motivated to work hard and use all the opportunities available to become successful. She is a confident woman, comfortable with speaking and a future influencer. During your reign, you will be spending lots of time engaging with sponsors, attending events, photoshoots and meeting and interacting with the right people across the board in the entertainment industry.

Our Charity winner needs to have a caring heart, she is compassionate and well organised. She fearlessly uses her voice for the charitable cause.

Compulsory Dates


What to Expect:

Each Contestant will be expected to attend all our official dates, training workshops, bootcamp and fundraiser events as per dates and group of contestants set out above.

All contestant will be trained and given all the tools to equip yourself to grow within the entertainment industry. Each contestant will have assignments to complete, which is directly linked to the characteristics of a celeb. The challenges will help contestants developed skills and grow as an individual. There will be a lot of different challenges during the course of this competition which includes charity work, fundraising, photoshoots, acting challenge, casting challenge and many more. Sterstatus is a lifestyle l  talent l reality show on VIA DSTV channel 147, thus giving our contestants time to shine on national television.

A big part of this competition and a skill that we are looking for is the ability of each contestant to be a brand ambassador. (Celebrities always represent brands and sponsors – eg: Selena Gomez being a brand ambassador for Puma). You will also be taught the skills of how to brand yourself and how to be the best possible brand ambassador as a celebrity. Together with this we are training future influencers in the entertainment industry of South Africa.

There will be a lot of events during the year, from the red carpet events to socials, sponsor functions to charities which constants must be a part of. This will also give our contestants an idea of the limelight and the life behind the scenes of a celebrity. Each contestant will be assessed according to a set of criteria which will be given at each workshop.

This will allow the judges to evaluate your ability to execute and complete each task given and if you have what it takes to be under pressure while shining in the limelight. Being in the limelight is not just about the glitz and the glamour, but also comes with a lot of responsibility and accountability. Brands and companies like to connect and align their products and services to a face and a personality that the public loves and follows.

It will take commitment to stand out and to be crowned as the Sterstatus winner, but, with the right attitude, you will learn great new life skills and tools to use in your personal and professional lives, regardless if you win or not.

This is a great journey to learn about yourself and to learn new skills.

We hope you will enjoy it with us and make a lots of new memories, friends and connections!

Apprentesses Associates